Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

It's reactions like these that make it all worthwhile...

Hello Mo! Very cool site! I especially enjoyed the travel tips. I will continue to peruse your site for more enlightening travel tips and pics you can be my guru.
I went to see the Mo. He provided an offering, and I drank from his cup of wisdom. And as I drank I tried to recognize the substance. I swished and gargled and bulged my cheeks with the contents of the cup. I spit out a mouthful and guzzled a pitcher's worth. I was surprised to see the substance change before my eyes as it bubbled in my bowl, but the flavor- always familiar. The more I tasted, the more I wanted. Soon my thirst became insatiable.

When I wake I desire a tidbit. With my coffee I desire a smidge. As I nap I dream of the nectar.

I shall not live the same life again.


I must join..I understand the teaching...I've read the insights...happiness and peace and the pursuit of sexual satisfaction....TheMo....I want in....where do I send my money...

Get in on the action!
If you haven't written to The Mo, you haven't lived.
Come on, all the cool people are doin' it!

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