So you got this far. What's all this Mo stuff?

The power of The Mo reaches far into the galaxy and into the hearts and minds of all it touches. To feel The Mo is to feel peace, happiness, and self-love. It is all about being satisfied with the way you live your life, but not so content as to neglect self-improvement. If you are not happy with your life, change it. If you are happy with your life, find new ways to improve. The True Mo is eternaly happy for he has no reason to be otherwise.

It all began back in college with a saying on a Baby-on-Board type suction car window sign that I found at a car wash in west Philly. It simply states, "Hot Babes, Cold Beer, 'Nuff Said". At that time in my life, this made a whole lotta sense. It clarified my unfocussed pursuit of happiness and allowed me and those around me to achieve elation in two easy steps. This gave rise to a whole new philosophy by which I live: Decide what you want out of life and pursue it unfalteringly, 'Nuff Said. I still have that sign as a reminder and have carried it with me since I bought it 4 years ago.

But now The Mo is so much more. As the Rastafarians worship Jah, so shall all learn the teachings of The Mo. Bob Marley sang "Great God is a living Mo" and his words are deeply felt and respected still today.

It comes down to this: Everybody needs a little Mo.

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