This is an excerpt from a speech which was delivered to a group of graduating University of Pennsylvania students in the Spring of 1992

"The World Without Mo"

As you prepare to leave the academic environment of Penn, there are many questions which I'm sure cause all of you a great deal of concern. Will I get the job that I want? Will I find that special someone to make my life complete? How will I adjust to 'real life'? These are the same questions that have been plaguing college graduates for years and years. You will find all of the answers you are looking for if you always remember The Mo.

Let us consider, for a moment, a world without Mo. It would be a world of darkness, devoid of laughter, a cruel and generally unkind world, a world where evil inevitably triumphs over good and even cartoon superheros don't win in the end. It is a world where babies cry for at least 12 hours a day, and no amount of milk or burping could ever quell their sobbing. It is a bleak and colourless world where flowers never bloom and if they did, they would most likely be some sort of weed which attracts a lot of unwanted bugs. There would always be a light rain falling accompanied by a biting wind and there would be no such thing as umbrellas or jackets with hoods....

....In essence, you can only escape a lifetime of suffering by continuing to embrace The Mo from this day forward without fail. Always remember, everybody needs a little Mo.

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