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Globetrotting is a lot easier than most people think. This page is devoted to random travel tips that may one day save you some ducats, get you out of a jam, or prove to be totally useless.

I will constantly be adding more travel hints - If I gave you everything at once, what would keep you coming back?

Mo's Tips

  1. It is not neccessary to book a room ahead of time when traveling to a city you've never been to before. You can often save money by finding accomodations at the train or bus station where many locals will offer rooms in their house or apartment at a cheaper rate than the hostels. Along with a room, you may have access to a kitchen, living room and sometimes a laundry machine. This is also a great way to meet locals and get an insiders take on your foreign surroundings.
  2. Some countries, mainly in Asia and Africa, require certain immunizations in order to enter. At customs, you will be asked to produce medical documents as proof that you are up to date on all neccessary injections. Without this, you will be turned away at the border. Too bad, so sad, bye-bye. Be prepared. Be sure to check with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for recommended and manditory injections when traveling to remote or exotic locations.
  3. Leave your walkman at home. Listening to a walkman is very anti-social behavior. Meeting people from all over the world was the best aspect of my travel experience, and it is safe to say, that I met many more after I ditched my walkman. Nobody wants to start a conversation with someone wearing headphones. Also, you risk missing the sounds that make each location a little bit different (not to mention your train stop). Feed your ears with local flavour, not with mix tapes. Your CD collection will still be there when you get home.

Stay tuned for more tips...

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